In 1905 the USA was under the 45 star flag shown to the right.  Theodore Roosevelt (the Rough Rider) was our president. The  Spanish-American war had been over for seven years and Europe was still  at peace.

This is the period depicted in most of the photo galleries that follow.

The Cascade Western Rail Road runs from the Twin Cities of Minneapolis  and St. Paul Minn south to St Louis, Mo.  Just across the Iowa border a  branch runs west to Sioux Falls, So Dak.  The modeled section is from  South St Paul to Walker, Iowa and the branch line to German Valley,  Iowa.  Staging represents the Twin Cities; Sioux Falls;, St Louis; Cedar  Rapids, Iowa; Milwaukee, Wisc. and Mason City, Iowa.

The lower level represents the Minnesota section of the line with Iowa on the upper level.

A track plan and town details will follow in due course

The Optical Illusion

Cows at Fence

Corn Fields

Marshy Area

Drainage Ditch

Farmers with Different Ideas

A Corner

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