CW Towns

The Cascade Western Rail Road runs from the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St Paul, Minnesota to St Louis, Missouri with a branch out to Sioux Falls, South  Dakota.

The end points are all in staging.  Below are the towns that are modeled on the layout.  Except for one town, they all do exist, but they all have different industries and track arrangements then ever existed.

Minnesota Towns

Coates, Minn

Empire, Minn

Hampton, Minn

Cascade, Minn

Sogan, Minn

Kasson, Minn

Leroy, Minn

Iowa Towns

Steven Center, Iowa

Fagan’s Crossing, Iowa

Lime Springs, Iowa

Randalia, Iowa

Walker, Iowa

Branch Line Towns

Garner, Iowa

Buffalo Center, Iowa

German Valley, Iowa

Staging Areas

Twin Cities

Mason City, Iowa

McGregor, Iowa

Sioux Falls, So Dak

Cedar Rapids, Iowa

St Louis, Mo

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